February 16th, 2008

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9061 - Sat

Woke up bright and early, rip-roarin' and ready to roll. BHK and I had a tasty start of toasted bagels with cream cheese, and chugga-chugga-chugga.

After getting the parents, it was about... 11ish. Well, we didn't lose too much steam - the in-laws were loaded for bear (girl scout cookies, soda-pop, and egg sammiches) we rolled out to our destination... Baltimore!

It was a bit of a drive, but the scenery was lovely, and the company was good... we all chitty-chatted about all manner of small talk.

We arrived at the Aquarium Parking garage at about noon, and headed off to see items lovely and aquatic... but it was not meant to be. The crowd there for the holiday weekend was vast... Chris didn't want to navigate that swarm of roaming tourists. Totally understandable, if a little disappointing.

Upside... we had a secondary plan of action! The B&O Railway Museum! The place is sweet for folks that dig steam / diesel engines, or rail history at all (the B&O is pretty much the birthplace of American Railroading). We got a family membership to last us the year - it turned out the snow collapse of the roundhouse was 5 years ago to the day we returned. There's still a lot of restoration going on to the trains that were hit, but most of them are in beautiful shape. BHK and I got a couple of pressed pennies to add to our collection.

(some of our walkabout pictures on flickr here. - more to follow as I upload and make some shots public that are currently hidden.)

Got pretty tuckered out after 5 or six hours there, filling my brain with train. We headed off to Annapolis for some Cheeburger Cheeburger (they'e getting a lot of play from us lately!) and then home to relax and unwind with the kitties - plans were to hang out and watch a movie with the in-laws, but they were too pooped to pop, so BHK had a lovely night together, instead.

I can haz The Entire Bible? Man, lolcats! Nice use of your spare time!

I wonder if this will win any converts in one direction or the other?

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