February 17th, 2008

Newtie blah-blah

9062 - sunday

spent the bulk of the day indoors with tv and the kitties - bhk a little sick, my back was creaky. Nice day to stay in, relax, and not wear shoes all day.

Watched The Soup, Redneck weddings and read books the whole day away. A nice way to recharge after yesterday's long-term walkies.

Tree-trimmer guys came back and hammered down the bridge part they knocked over - and finished trimming and proper cleanup.

Jumper's getting quite the stinky reviews. Maybe we'll just wait and catch it on Netflix when it drops to DVD... next weekend. 15%... by comparison, Hottie & the nottie got 7%. if it's only barely twice as good as a Paris Hilton vehicle, I'll pass. Jumper got 15 positive reviews and 88 negatives as of this writing.

I'm still game to see No Country for Old Men. - 94%, 179 positive, 11 negative reviews.

The Pentagon will try to shoot down a spy satellite before it crashes to Earth. I want to see the video of that.

Princeton engineers' weather modeling suggests that the city of Baltimore experienced about 30 percent more rainfall than the region it occupies would have experienced had there been no buildings where the city now sits. While thunderstorms are thought of as being purely forces of nature, the research suggests that man’s built environment can radically alter a storm’s life cycle.

1up has a list of what game companies have donated to which candidates - sort of interesting to see which designers / folks went where.

data gathered via fundrace - a really nifty tool to see what's up - my zip code shows $840 dollars went to Republicans, and $0 to Democrats, while my in-laws city (right next door) donated $3,426 to Republicans and $1,800 to Democrats

Austin, TX is a little more happy to spend on both sides... it is a bigger city... I was surprised that it spent just a little bit less than Miami.

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