February 23rd, 2008

Prisoner Quiz

9068 - Saturday

Went to the train show with Larry and BHK after my shots - Fortunately, the ice has melted, leaving just water all over the place to drain... not a lot to photograph that wasn't there last year, but I took a couple of small shots. (see the far more plentiful photos from feb 25, 2007, for the better stuff.)

We returned home, and we were all pretty good about keeping purchases to a minimum.. Larry got some Rolling stock and a cool soundboard.

Most exotic food item of the day... Larry shared his lunch with me.

He made a peanut butter, banana, mayo and potato chip sammich. Knowing this, I still took a big, healthy bite.

It wasn't bad! Not something I would make for myself, but maybe reduce the banana and mayo by half, and I'd do it again easily enough. I've done pB, banana and honey before to good results, but this was a new level.

Hmm... Champions online, since marvel pooped out. Not a bad idea. I wonder how well it'll do as a sequel to City of Heroes? More "whack a mole", or will there be some cool Champeens roleplay?

Meme-sheepage, via Applelard

1.How old were you in 1980? 11 years old

2. How old were you in 1989? 19 years old

3. Were you a Toys R' US Kid? Sure!

4. Did you watch Transformers? Not really, but I was familiar with 'em.

5. Did you see E.T. on the big screen? Yes... back when G-men had guns, not walkie-talkies, dang it!

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