February 26th, 2008

Mallah / Brain Love - Neitzsche

9072 - Tuesday

Foggy day but it dissolved after dark, somehow. Crossing the bridge, we couldn't even see the barges!

Dentist - got my last filling done, and all that's left is a crown.... and maybe an extraction of a wisdom tooth.

R's Americantina - All you can eat taco night? As the kids might say... "FAIL". We made it there ok, but the food was greasy, poorly portioned, and generally subpar.

All items looked like food service, rather than homemade. Tortillas, and anything from the fryer were especially bad. Greasy, limp onion rings, store-bought tortillas and frozen / re-heated chicken strips. The hard taco shells were cold and greasy - salsa was a poor texture and mediocre flavor.

The diet coke was both flat and low on syrup, effectively brown soda water.

I think we'd have done better to have gone to Taco Bell, feedwise.

Design-wise, it's a beautiful layout, nicely branded, with vibrant colors and nifty wall-hangings. It's a shame about the place settings and worse, the food that is brought out.

We didn't sample the bar... I'd hate to see what the bartender would do to a margarita if they can't get a taco right.

Garfield Minus Garfield is awesome. Remove the cat, and Jon is scary, funny and surreal. Plus, there's this one, which isn't really any of those.

Anonymous coworker on the death industry (especially interesting to me, as AC is a Marylander) Some FAQ

Fairly Related - Writing a Will - I need to update mine! And do my dang taxes, by gum!

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