February 28th, 2008

pie - pye!

9074 - Thursday

Chinese food tonight! Yum, and Hooray!

BHK and David went to the thrift store today - brought home some treasures :

She got me a comic book of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham's first appearance in Marvel Tales (Tails). I actually dug Steve Mellor's art in Goose Rider and the cover even more than the main story.

A black embroidered shirt, and a yellow sweatshirt, both in excellent condition.

Also picked up a pretty broad assortment of books - to be cataloged later.

Also, squid shake.

Cancel that.

After Din-din, we jammed a bit - David on acoustic guitar, Larry on mandolin, and me on the bass. It was fun, but I was full of food and very sleepy, so we cut it pretty short.

The DORmino concept uses an oversized mousepad to soak up the bleedout warmth of a laptop, which embedded electronics convert and transmit to power a wireless mouse. No need to recharge, no dead batteries to pollute the environment.

I need something like that to charge my electronics, based on the warmth I throw off... If I can knock out a baby or a small animal with my temperature, surely the therms could keep my blackberry and digicam juiced up for when I want to use em! How handy would that be for other stuff... a trickle charger in the sofa to keep the remote powered!

I'm just saying.

Looks like the one over-enthusiastic and socially frustrated gamer-type on the icehouse mail list is taking an indefinite leave of absence. I wonder what it'll be like with a better signal-to-noise ratio ? Half the reason I lost interest in pyramid games and participation on the list was due to that guy... maybe the group will get back into friendly design mode rather than debates about wiki formatting and award shows.

Note to self - make a ghost statue.

Pretty keen - Microwave glucose sensor.

For diabetics, the daily routine of pricking their finger to check blood-sugar levels can be an annoying and inconvenient task. But now, a Baylor University researcher has developed an electromagnetic sensor that could provide diabetics a noninvasive alternative to reading their blood glucose levels, and new research shows the sensor works and is effective.

Today's search engine hits of my journal - someone really wants to see bunnies melt!

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