March 1st, 2008

right way

9077 - Saturday

March Begins! David spent Friday night at his pal in DC's place, but returned to us this morning... after my shots, we headed out to the Museum of Visionary art w/ BHK and David, and then to Edgar Allan Poe's burial site (and his 13 year old at wedding-time cousin-wife ) at Westminster (little known factoid, BHK was the tour guide to the Poe site, and has keys to the crypt there.)

Most of what was done and seen can be expressed in photos... sadly, you're not supposed to take pics inside. ( I did sneak one with the camera phone , however.) clicking on items below will go to larger images. No ghosts captured at the graveyard, but I had fun doing some more stitching.

My favorite bit was probably the giant bird, nest and mirrored egg outside the museum. The egg glittered like an 8 foot tall disco ball in the setting sun.

To be honest, the interfaith art exhibit didn't do a lot for me... I was more interested in the permanent items, including the kinetic sculptures art cars, and painted screens.

Guy in the green hoodie is David, BHK's cousin - I think he had a nice time with us. BHK managed to dodge my best efforts at capturing her candidly.

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We caught up with Larry and Chris after sundown - stopped off at cheeburger cheeburger for frings and shakes! My back was tricking up, so I begged off the jam session- hitting the sack with a heating pad early tonight.

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