March 2nd, 2008

pancakes ad w scotto

9078 - sunday

Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast! A good sized crew was here earlier, David, Larry, Chris, BHK and I all scarfed down tasty flapjacks... Before that David and I played a little lego star wars on the Wii while BHK prepped in the kitchen.

After Breakfast, BHK busted out the a sailing ships and seafaring puzzle, to work on while David and I finished out game... after he headed out, Larry and Chris high-tailed it... so BHK and I were left with about 994 pieces of the 1000 bit puzzle to put together.

I took a little break midday to rest my back, as it was still pretty sore, but got up at about 4 to have some late snacks (too late for a full blown lunch), and watched the soup, some eddie izzard, and we went back to the ol' puzzle. More Izzard in the background while we sorted pieces and just had some nice family time.

I'd say we got about 90% of the puzzle done before I started to really ache again... we rested in the living room and caught up with a little more tv, and now it's time for bed. Hot showers and heating pads seem to help the most. Larry and Chris never came by to have supper with us, but Larry did drop off leftover chinese food... BHK did Beans and rice, while I had tofu and broccoli.

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