March 5th, 2008

Prisoner Quiz

9184 - Wednesday

BHK's taco salad din din last night was awesome, in taste, health, and the ability to produce flatus. Veggie meat, two kinds of beans, and certain garilicy veggies are just asking for a bit of methane production. The yummy factor was the biggest win, however.

Tonight, we're headed to Bilvil the Beachfront Cafe for supper - review to follow tomorrow!

Looks like Clinton is still in the race after Texas and Ohio. Ah well, at least this will give Chris and I something to debate about some more on the road to work. I get sort of stuck with Obama, mostly because he's the other contender for the Dems.

Happy 75th Birthday, Doc Savage !

50 things I've done meme continues - 21-26 I ran out of time! Will continue until I hit 50 if I can as the week progresses. - I ...

21.'was part of a team that coded a geopositioning system to help find missing kids. Basically, find a point on a map, call everyone within a certain distance on the map with a pre-recorded message alerting folks to be on the lookout. In addition to finding missing people, it has been used cross-country for evacuations, fire alerts, boil water, and other trouble items. Sadly, the same type of software has been put to more commercial use by telemarketing campaigns including politicians and localized ads. Biggest issue - the calls tend to originate from a VOIP or difficult to track location, so you have trouble contacting them to be put on the do not call list... unless the message you get includes a contact number. I guess any tool can be an offensive weapon in the wrong hands. I use hammers to build things, not to cave in skulls... I promise!

22.'made the final leap to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian in 1990. Last hot dog was on 7/4/90... tried being vegan for a year, and didn't like it. Sorry Milk, Eggs and Cheese... you get eaten. I sometimes lapse on things that have more than 4 legs, or less than 2. (Conch, Clam, Crab, etc.) Despite my diet, I still am of considerable size, both height and circumference. I am taller than I am around by a reasonable facor... I'm not a sphere.

23.'have been homeless for approximately a month, living on the beach in South Florida. It's not fun, it's not like camping, and I don't care to repeat it ever again. I can't imagine it in winter up north. If I ever meet that kid (last link in my entry here ) that said it's just a question of attitude, I just might be prompted to introduce him to what that sort of fear, depression and hopelessness feels like.

24.'saw my brother sink from happy, healthy and smiling guy to a conniving, manipulative, strung-out and sick junkie.

25.'submitted myself for product testing when money issues were especially tight. Toothpaste was worth $20, use for a month and get paid after a tooth check. I got in on a big study - It was a pretty sweet deal at the time. Given an asprin, put in a sensory dep tank a few times a day, have blood drawn each time you come out. I got $1700 for it, a month's worth of food and board, and electricity to play on my Atari ST during the downtime. The downside was that I was confined to the grounds for a month and very few of my friends at the time came by to visit. I could call out and say hello, but seldom did anyone call me.... which caused me to review my friendship with those people quite a bit at the time. I shared a room with another study member, but he left a day into the testing because his son passed away. I still feel bad for my first mental response - "I get my own room! Right on!" The biggest problem wit hHazelton was that it was frequently confused with hazelden, a drug rehab center.

26.'told a ghost story to my brother about a monster in the basement that was so convinicng, neither of us ever went down there again without an adult escort. I was about 7, my bro was half that. I was glad when we moved out of that house. Sadly, the story isn't really that scary to an adult... or that original. I suspect I saw that Dr. Who with the crawling pentacle hand - "ELDRAD MUST LIVE!" Side note, I had a little-kid (non-sexual) crush on Sarah Jane Smith for quite a span. I wanted her as a babysitter more than my actual one.

so, only 24 more to go? ack!

The company that made "Airborne," -- a supposed remedy for colds -- have settled a lawsuit brought by customers who were upset to learn that the "clinical trials" that proved that it worked were faked.

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