March 7th, 2008

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9187 - Friday

Rainy day, as my voice post previous can attest.

50 things I've done meme continues with items 27-29. I...

27.'ran my own BBS system back in the early 80's - an Atari 800XL with two ways to connect - a 300 and a 1200 baud modem...later I added a third modem that ran at 9600 baud. It used 3 floppy drives to share data. It boiled down to a simple message board with a few instances of trade wars on it. I was also the co-sysop of three other atari boards out there - the community was small, but there was a lot of signal - very little noise. Brent had his own soapbox on there.. "Kaiser's Korner" where he did goofy right-wing rants - primarily to bait people into responding. His section didn't last long, thankfully. My bbs eventually faded into a website, and then after quite a bit of rattling and rolling, a place for my own journal. Livejournal and current blogging software is a lot easier than hand-rolling every html page and uploading it.

28.'have a mortgage, and own (with the bank) a condominium in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I have been considering selling it, or keeping it as a backup crash pad of friends and relatives that want a place to be while in the sunshine state. It's a one-bedroom on the third floor, with a huge porch. I'm especially fond of the iguanas that live out by the lake in the courtyard.. the ibis are a fave, too. Newton prefers the squirrels.

29.'Have been member of both the Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouts - both were pretty positive expeiriences, and I'd advise anyone to try both, despite the boy scout complaints about deisim or sexism.

Guy on the bus yesterday evening reeked of old sweat, recent booze and other items too gross to go into. It wasn't so bad, except that he got up, changed seats and sat directly in front of me... with no escape mechanism for me. My nose was tingling for about an hour afterward. brings to mind the following - Bus trips from DC to NY- Free wifi for the trip, too. (sort of like dc2ny ) I wonder how long they'll stay "clean and fresh"?

Secaucus, N.J.-based Boltbus, a division of Greyhound Lines Inc., said tickets went on sale Monday for the service that will start March 27.

Boltbus will run between Metro Center at 11th and G streets NW and two stops in New York City -- near Penn Station at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue and in south Manhattan at 6th Avenue and Canal Street.

Boltbus will compete with the Washington Deluxe, Apex Bus, Vamoose Express and DC2NY, a service that started in July 2007 between Dupont Circle and Penn Station in New York with a stop at the McPherson Square Metro station.

DC2NY launched in July and marketed the service by offering free water and high-speed wireless Internet service onboard.

Boltbus is not only also offering wireless, but it is also using a first-come first-serve incentive to sign up riders.

The company said one-way tickets start at $1 plus a 50 cent booking fee and become more expensive as the bus gets full. Also, Boltbus is offering a free one-way ticket for every eight round trips purchased.

Tickets for each bus company vary, but are typically between $30 and $40 round trip, which is significantly cheaper than Amtrak's cost of about $140 and up for a round-trip ticket.

The buses tend to attract travelers and students who are looking for an affordable way to get between the cities.

Boltbus said it will offer eight trips daily, starting at 7:30 a.m. from D.C. to New York.

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