March 8th, 2008

wb dog and cat

9188 - sat

Up and at 'em - Sat visit to the allergist, and then we drove on to Richie's to meet the in-laws for some wandering.

Arranged to get my referral for the back doc on Wednesday - I have to call back monday morning to make sure it's all in order.

Finished our puzzle.. I'd say 8 hours total form start to finish. we had 1000 pieces all right, but one of parts was missing, and one was doubled!

d'oh! ah well.. it was fun assembling it, anyhow.


richie's grill - bar side is open until 2am, now... midnight not late enough! When BHK and I arrived at 12:30, it was dead - no lunch crowd besides us. By the time the in-laws made it (about 1), a few more people had wandered in, but for a saturday, I'm sure the waitresses were hungry for tips.



Oysters... we did a sneak peak at the Chesapeake bay foundation.


More Oysters! For building an artificial reef and bringing some health back to the bay.


Freaky Beetlejuice house.. oddball sculptures and columns in the wrong locations... full size shows more, but needs a full photo shoot.


weird fence - full view doesn't do it justice - I'm going back with a real camera next time.

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