March 9th, 2008

museum fart (Dan Travels)

9189 - sun

Turned the clocks and we stayed in bed pretty late. We finally got up and at 'em at about noon.. er, 1pm.

I neglected to mention our trip to the B.I.G. book sale after shots yesterday... one giant blue ikea bag's worth of books for $30. BHK got a ton of cookbooks, Edith Wharton, and some Ursula LeGuin - about 17 or so - I got a time-life book for Larry (with the "look and feel" of real hand-tooled leather!) on railroading, and picked myself up a few things, too (about 15 books) - Including Gene Wilder's Autobiography, John Stewart's Naked Pictures of Famous People (already read... it's no Cruel Shoes. Additionally, I snagged a bunch of random stuff - Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett ,(fun to see the Baltimore side of classic pulp fiction) a ton of other pulps and misc sci fi/ fantasy. Biggest weakness of being such a book magpie is our lack of shelving (see left side of image in newtcam ). BHK will be grabbing some more shelves for us later this week, I think.

I think we made out AOK there! - Thanks to BHK for reminding me of probably the best part of yesterday!

Anyhow, as far as sunday goes - We rose late, grabbed a sammich or two for the road - BHK, the love cube and I all rolled comfortably to points south. First stop was Aarvarks.. sadly, my schedule was off, and none of my books had arrived yet. I hope my Jonah Hex Showcase is there next time! They still have a ton of treehouse and fluxx... and I realised we *still* are late about sending off eryx's loot. at this rate, it'll be easter before he gets a christmas treat!

Instead of normal fare, we got the new Tank Girl Compilation and Gloom Cookie - Tank girl is looking pretty good these days.. she's weathered the movie well. I'll probably pick one up to give to ol' danny for next time.

Post Aardvark, we swung by McD's for a shamrock shake. It's a tradition! The taste was good, though the mint was subtle... the shake itself was a fine neon green.

From last year - still the same - I wonder if we'll see my rainy-day chicken stalker this year? I sort of hope so.

Shamrock shake!

Nicely dosed on dairy, mint and dye - it was time to sally forth to the wal-mart. Obtained much-needed undershirts, and not so needed, but still cool dinosaur and robot easter eggs... pictures to follow. Surprisingly, BHK didn't want the girly-girl eggs. Also snagged into the wild for larry.. the kids parents live nearby, interesting to see someone you know represented in movie form.

Closed the day with a trip to Mexico to visit with Tina M and Matt O... Tina was a little quiet, but we all chitty chatted about misc stuff - mostly food and travel.

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