March 13th, 2008

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9193 - Thursday.

50 things I've done meme continues with item 33. I...

33. I did not punch a doctor in the face yesterday, despite his smarmy, holier than thou attitude, poor consult practice, shit-eating grin and "you could beat me up just by sitting on me" comment. If I were a less in control sort of guy, I'd have ripped his spine out via his neck, reversed it, and shoved it back into him rectally.

Adrenaline-removed details below.

Dr. D really took quite a lot of wind from my sails yesterday regarding my back. I'm more than a little disappointed and dismayed, but I am happy that a fix is available, contrary to my prior concerns that I have no options.

The short form - I have gained back much of my former lost weight - I'm at 364 lbs. Pulse 82, BP 148 / 88 (far higher than my usual 120/80)

BMI is 42, according to my height vs weight, which is in the very [edit: morbidly] obese category - I obviously need to get back on the stick, health-wise. (some shortcomings of this reference)

His bedside manner was lacking in the extreme - said that I was in a lot of trouble, that my spine has some severe damage that needs to be repaired and the rub is I have too much mass to properly operate on me... he can't get down past all of the tissue, (both fat and muscle) to take care of it.

I won't go into his overly condescending talk about weight loss, but the bottom line is that he feels that he can't work on me now... but he'd prefer that I come back to him in a year after I've lost about 100 lbs - then he thinks that he can repair the damage to my spine and fix the nerve short-circuit in my leg. Meanwhile, I'm going to have to suck it up, and just deal with the pain and numbness issues a bit longer... I don't mind getting on a healthy diet and workout regimen.. it's just a shame that his idea of finding a good one is "pick up a magazine" - rather than guiding me to a trainer and / or dietitian as I'd asked.

So, part of my journal is going to be recording and tracking my weight / workouts again - I'm going to resume my points-based WW program on the palmtop, and we'll see if I can get myself into fighting trim at a reasonable and healthy rate.

I will continue to see that doctor until I find a better one - but meanwhile I'm just happy that there is a chance for repair in the future. I'm disappointed that I still haven't gotten a cortisone shot, but there is a chance of one next visit to my general prac.

After much stress at the Doc's, we swung by the local Games Workshop store (right across the street). It was odd to see a store devoted to just mini wargaming, specifically warhammer fantasy, warhamer 40k and lord of the rings miniatures. Apparently the Glen Burnie site is the USA headquarters for the Games Workshop with dozens tables of goodies set up for play. I was surprised to see the one in Annapolis hopping with people - mid-afternoon on a Wednesday... I'd figure everyone that would want to get in on it would be at work or school. I was impressed by the quality of the paint jobs on the armies... a lot of labor of love going on there. BHK and I both really dug the red and yellow lizard men.

We picked up a very late lunch at Lemongrass Too - it was excellent as usual. More tofu with peanut/curry vibe and spicy-sweet green beans.

We were going to check out Be Kind, Rewind - but it was too late. The only showings at the Bowtie were at 3:30 (missed it) and 9:30 (not on a school night!) - So, while we were in the plaza, BHK shoe shopped - she really liked the keen ones... Timberline, venturea, and malibu styles. note to self for future presents!

On our way out of Annapolis we did discovered the ATW man got gussied up for St. Patty's Day (pictures to follow)... and he also has a myspace page ! Lots of pictures that I didn't have of his past exploits - we went inside ATW and got a floor mat... the reciept mentions where to locate him on the web. I've added him as a friend, but he hasn't reciprocated yet.

Dinner was boiled eggs, salad, and leftover veggie taco "meat". good stuff, solid for the end of the day.

As for today - went to work, worked, got on the bus, headed home, wrote a long entry on the ol' PDA.

BHK made some amazingly tasty split pea soup, with chick peas, carrots and cabbage. Lovely for St. Patty's.

Point budget is 35, using the weight watchers points system. I still can't abide weigh-ins and meetings, but the plan has worked for me in the past. Monitoring using the wwcalc program on the palm.

I'll export the results here in the future.

I can bank a few points for the weekend, where I'm pretty sure I'll go over when we dine out.

Misc health info -

10 minute brisk walk to the bus, light level. not worth any points, really.
10 cups water - just healthy.

Researched utility of using company gym during lunch - distinct possibility. 3 bikes, a treadmill and some free weights that might do the trick.
Bring gym clothes, allot 20 min for lunch, 20 for workout, 20 for changing/shower.

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