March 14th, 2008

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9194 - friday

Dinner with Cathy & Dave tonight... say goodbye to any saved points when I have a slice of birthday cake. (sans army men). We played a bit of apples ot apples afterward, with Larry winning the first round, I won the second.

Added image to "The Good Life" for photo Friday - me and Newt Snoozing. (#127 )

50 things I've done meme continues with item 34. I...

34.'helped to plan, plant and harvest a family garden for the first time last spring. I really thought a 10 x 12 foot patch wouldn't produce more than a little vanity salad food, but we got a huge crop, especially of peppers, zucchini and cucumbers. My faves were the potatoes and zucchini.. oven baked goodness. BHK turned my lifelong disdain for zucchini into love with her baked veggies in soy flour, and covered in tomato sauce. Yum. Potatoes, I've always had a fondness for.

I guess I'm coming late to this info, but per springheel jack - "RIP Basic (ad-free) Accounts. Your current 'basic' accounts are supposedly grandfathered (until they decide otherwise), but no new ones can be created. Communities too."

The 8th Icehouse Game Design Competition is underway, and any previously unpublished game that uses Looney Labs’ Icehouse pyramids can be submitted. The deadline for entry is June 20th. Whether or not you enter, you can participate in the judging process. Details at the link above.

Current day's eats:

Breakfast -

two breakfast granola bars

snack -

unsweetened applesauce / pretzel sticks
diet coke

lunch -

veggie pocket pie
veggies and rice

dinner -

3 slices of medium cheese and veggie pizza
Birthday cake and ice cream!

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