March 18th, 2008

Newtie blah-blah

9199 - tues

Workity work lived up to its name - there was a lot of hustle today, still catching my breath at the bus stop.

I really want to see the John Adams series, but no HBO. I guess waiting and getting it on Netflix will have to do!

50 things I've done meme continues with item 36. I...

36.'was a pretty avid gamer, back in the day. At my peak, I was playing in 4 different groups a week. (Granted, some of the groups had crossover - GP and Kat were in two of 'em) I tended to compartmentalize my buddies back then - for whatever reason, I liked to keep the potatoes separate from the corn and the meat on the plate. Some friends-groups were linked, like GP & Kat, while others rarely even knew I was "gaming around".

Best gaming group ever was probably with just GP and Kat... "Brave and The Bold" stories. Two heroes, each of us got as much airtime or limelight as we wanted, and precious little lag from pokey party-members. The 4-6 player groups were good too, but when you don't have to wait so long for a turn in combat or a say in dialogue... it's the best. My biggest issue with extended groups is dealing with loners (sure, works in comics, but everyone else has to go into standby while they're off doing their own thing and hogging everyone else's play time. Best solution for that is probably keeping a character journal, and giving the GM a *brief* list of character developments between sessions. It's just not polite to go toddling off. I don't mind it as much when it goes sort of hill street blues style, where groups split off together into 2 teams, dividing and conquering... but that can make things slow,too. 2 to 3 players is about perfect. (4 with a gm).. wait a minute, I think I've covered this a bit before.

It's funny, but I have a mental block about most of PM's characters I recall Black Lotus (because I ran solos for her), but I don't remember anything more about harlequin, aside from the name. She had a swordy person, a ninja-y person, a horse-trainer, a shadow controller, some sort of fairy-friend in the Ars Magica game... but most of the names and personality slip my mind.. I think mostly because she kept her characters quite secret, though pretty heavily detailed if you did get a chance to read backstory or . I can remember Doug's Kit, KW's Chrysanthemum, and of course Danny's White Bow and Man of Iron quite clearly, for good or for ill. Tony's Silver Hammer and Russian Ben Grimm knockoff. All told, everyone had a good time.

Oh- Minglegrin... that was the name I was looking for. I can't make fun of the name much... character names like miniMAX, Zero, Parabola, Trism, Luhki Hornblower, Doc Firestone, Chuck Hurler - not to mention character names I can't think of off the top of my head... the albino ape from the earth's core and the grumpy cop from the paladins game that was paired with Danny's loony officer.

A very cool Planet of The Apes timeline. (movies, TV episodes, and etc) - GP, you might want this as a character reference!

I Am (No) Scientologist, Will Smith Says - Moviefone - I guess the boycott is off then for Hancock! BHK is happy, I'm sure.

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