March 21st, 2008

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9202 - friday

End of the week, at last, at last. Back is feeling a bit better... must've slept on it right on Thursday night, for a change! Maybe, if all goes well, we can hit the Carl Barks exhibit in Baltimore. We have midday plans for Saturday (see below), and who knows what Easter Sunday will bring - but if not this weekend, perhaps sometime before the end of the month... I don't have a strong need to visit - the review is not the most complimentary (mainly due to the fact that most of his early stuff that I like is long gone, trashed back in the day)... but if we're in the neighborhood visiting the Art Museum, or the Aquarium, why not? (more on Carl Barks )

I don't think the the lj content strike is going to make a difference, and I'm more interested in seeing how much of my reading list changes, if at all this weekend. If lj poops out, there are plenty of other sites that offer similar functionality... and my RSS reader will allow me to collect feeds from whoever wants me to read 'em.

Regarding teamorange - the first colorwar2008 scrimmages will begin in a few days. I'm interested to see what sort of project Ze has in mind. So far, I've found teams blue, verygreen, puce, chartreuse, purple, gold, plaid, red, pink, white, clear and brown in addition to orange. If any other players are reading this, let me know, so I can follow you on twitter! #FF6600, baby! [update: See also - colorwars - there's a team octarine!]

It seems ol' Ze has quite a following - but I knew that. I just hope he uses his mighty net-powers for good, rather than evil.

Lunch tomorrow with Adam and his twin bro Eric. It's always interesting to see them together, because they were raised in different households. Adam, at his mom's (and more to the point, mostly at Larry & Chris's), Eric at his pop's. Adam seems to be the more together kid, athletic, better in school, less shifty. Eric is the party guy, partying hard, skipping class and spending more time looking to mate than to study; I.e. typical 18-year-old male.

Nature vs Nurture, live and in front. Both are basically good guys, and similar as brothers can be - but hardly duplicates.

I sneakily added a video to the lunchtime rendezvous entry about a week or so back. Filmed with the palm-cam, the image is warmed, grainy, and silly, not to mention in quicktime format. For some reason, google video doesn't transfer sound properly form the palm video during the conversion, so I'm hosting it in my old lj archive location on my website. Speaking of which, I have a palm doodle there that reflects that there's still a lot of rain happening at the ol' bus stop, but I don't mind.

windy, too, though I don't have that much length anymore, hair-wise.

Best worth1000 competition in a while. Superhero ModRen some are better than others. I'm partial to this one.

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