March 22nd, 2008

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9203 - Saturday -

Went to Fuddruckers Thursday night with BHK and the in-laws... I got a bunless veggie burger with cheddar cheese and a side salad. Not bad, for what it was. I'm more happy that we ate out at a place that Larry really likes. We drag him to Mexican, Thai or whatever else, and he's not usually that keen. (He gets a taco and french fries when we go to Mexico... close enough to a burger for him!)

On the way home, we spotted the ATW man - he's got an easter basket. (a better daytime short to follow, hopefully.)


p.s. here he is as a leprechaun, since I forgot to post it at st. patty's.
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Today, barring cancellation, we hit Cheeburger Cheeburger for a late lunch today with Adam, Eric, Tina, Matt and BHK in Annapolis. I've been saving points for the trip. [edit - we did! a good time was had by all!]

Morning plans include replacing a window at the Brown house with Larry, but I suspect that timing will make it a project for next weekend rather than this one.

Two cool things that I want - A palm-sized cell phone jammer, and a hoverlounger.

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