March 24th, 2008


9208 - monday

Items of Note - BHK really was wearing a purple shirt with an orange overshirt and rainbow hat for Easter. The doodle did not exaggerate. see also -
The doodle page on my flickr account

I liked Into The Wild more than Becoming Jane. The soundtrack was the biggest part of my liking Into the Wild... my take on his story is "Abused rich kid commits suicide very slowly." From my perspective, he was very selfish... but most kids are. The lead actor was solid... but somehow, I don't think I'd have wanted to spend much time with him as a person.... maybe just enough to be friendly to someone who was feeling pretty alienated. At least he helped the hippies get back together and was family to the old man. Becoming Jane wasn't bad... just not really my cup 'o tea.

I went way over points, but stayed within my bank.. barely. French toast for breakfast, three-layer hummus, easter basket goodies for midday and chinese food for dinner isn't my way of keeping lean.. but it was all dang tasty.

Easter Basket contents -

BHK got gerber daisies (orange and assorted colors), coupons for assorted behaviors (like not being snarky during costume dramas), and some pastel paint pens... additionally, she got a green purse, a sort of crosshatched purse, the rainbow-ribbon hat, and a sort of chairman mao meets the beatles cap.

My basket was a plush green-striped silly snake, with seed packs for broccoli, bottle gourds, decorative cabbage and pumpkins of all sizes - also peep-chick vials of candy corn, and orange cream filled baby eggs, a molecule ball and a monkey cup! Pictures to follow, doubtlessly.

We also got a treat basked from Larry and Chris - peanut-butter filled pretzels, salsa, chips, and all manner of trader joes-type treats.

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