March 26th, 2008

monkey xray -(monkey inside-palm)

9211 - wednesday

Midweek, already, eh? Good for us, good for us. No fire, flood or blood to worry about on any of the major fronts of my life.

I agree with Apelad. Hummus *is* the new salsa. I can't believe we had 3-layer hummus as an appetiser *before* breakfast of french toast on Easter.

BHK sent me a beautiful card via the John Adams minis series... picture of a tree in front, with the quote:

"I am, and till then, and forever after will be your Admirer and Friend, and Lover" , John Adams, April 11, 1764.

I love her so much - she's the best thing about my life!

The 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you. (contains profanity.)

Especially telling is this line -

On four recorded occasions in the last 50 years, chimpanzees have abducted, killed and eaten human babies. That's human with an H, as in Homo Sapiens, as in a human baby getting wrenched out of its mother's arms, dragged off into the forest and devoured by a chimp. We are not making this up. (Note, link is not for the weak of heart.)

See Also - The 5 most horrifying bugs in the world.

Lego Plastic Man, you say? Awesome, I say. See also, the Justice League Museum Project.

50 things I've done meme continues with #42. I...

42.'hauled butt all over the office yesterday. I don't think that there was a stretch of more than ten minutes where I was sitting the entire time. I think I get to mark down at least 30 minutes of light activity for that... but probably worth more. Funny how sedentary a computer job can be, and then up and out and run around! My most active job was roofing, back in the days when I had a strong back and could tolerate working in the florida sun in august, surrounded by drunks. Best shape of my life, though.

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