March 28th, 2008

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9214 - Friday!

Weekend looms ahead! Going to Alice's party, celebrating her passing the bar... about a year ago. It'll be nice to see her again - last time was at paper moon well over a year ago.

The Egg salad made from last Sunday's hard-boiled Easter dye-jobs was especially good this week. BHK's Mac & cheese is rocking my socks exceptionally well, too.

I can't believe that tickets fro the Smothers brothers is $90 at the rams head. I want to go, but not so much at $200, 8pm on a weeknight. I still have half a mind to write in Pat Paulson for president, even though he passed away over a decade ago.

Presidential Campaign Slogan: "I've upped my standards. Now, up yours."

50 things you've done meme continues at 44 - I...

44.'have done more than my share of critter killing and eating, despite my current feelings about doing so. If I was starving to death on an island covered with baby bunnies... well, baby bunny for dinner. I know how to kill and dress duck, boar, deer (all hands-on) and squirrel, alligator, rabbit (in theory, I saw my dad do it). I have lopped the heads off of chickens, and wrung their necks, too. I'd still rather do the slaughtering of a bird than do the cleaning.

I'm very happy to say that I haven't wanted or had to do that for a *very* long time... but if I was lost in the wilderness, I feel that I could survive better than some, at least food-wise. The boar is something that I'd have to use high-powered rounds on... those guys are nasty. I wonder if I could do a pit trap for a pig? I suppose it'd work, not that I ever will need one.

Recent photos in phone or in archive -

My office desk (see notes here, for the OCD aspects of the journal),
with BHK memorabilia and a toy-train zoom-in


I love my coasters - made from the label portion of old 33 1/3 records.

Newt Yawing the other day - That's how I was feeling, too.


Recently, Pye waited politely for Newton to finish eating - very chummy these days. I'm glad that they're so much more buddy-buddy. All I ask is that nobody bugs anyone else while eating or pooping... not too hard! Newt actually gave ol' pye a one-lick after pye's bath yesterday... I imagine they'll be grooming one another sometime around 2012. (or sooner!)

Added a doodle to the voice post... not sure if it's worth 1000 words, though.

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