March 29th, 2008

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9216 - Saturday

We went to the aquarium last night! pictures and details later - what a nice idea of BHK though... open until 9pm friday night.

Things on the agenda:

Allergy Shots.
Alice's Party.
Dinner out - Maybe Paper Moon or some Baltimore location.
Rest, relax, recharge.

Got Next Friday off - BHK and I are going to check out the cherry blossom festival or some other fun thing as a little spring fling. I'm almost more interested in people-watching than taking in the beautiful blooms. Hopefully, going on a weekday will reduce mob issues. (Friday's cherry blossom events ) I wouldn't mind paying the Jefferson Memorial a stopover, or riding a paddle boat in the tidal basin.

via 4thletter - Re-imagining of the old avengers cartoons: The Newer, mightier, more Ultimater Avengers!... waning, some foul language and a blurred out, but naked Hulk. (I was also amused by the "24 in 1994" pilot.

The Examiner reports that Metro’s oldest rail cars have become so worn, their aluminum floors are cracking under the carpeting. Metro says the cracks pose no immediate safety risk to riders, and that when cracks are spotted, cars are pulled from service and the aluminum is welded back together. The old cars aren't due to be replaced for at least five years.

50 things you've done meme continues at 45 - I...

45.' have been in few physical fights in my life, and most have only lasted a short span... as a result of those melees, I've discovered that it is better to fight tactically with a cool head, than when angry... of course, if you've got a cool head, who wants to fight? I've never had much choice, as I'm a poor runner - easier to take down an opponent than to run away at a speed where I'll be taxed and overcome, anyhow. When overly emotional, I'm a more frightening combatant. Unless common sense overrides fear or rage, I will continue to attack an opponent (no matter what they're condition is in) until I'm exhausted. It's a wonder I never killed anyone including myself during puberty.

These days, and for a long time now, I'm quite passive. I can still get the short hairs on my neck up if life or loved ones are threatened, but for the most part, I try to channel my energy into more useful pursuits. My skill at fighting is poor... I could stand some updated martial arts training, even boxing would be good - my primary strengths are the ability to take a hit, grappling and hitting my opponent hard and heavy.

The last time I was in a real fistfight was more than a decade and a half ago...and that one was more of a "grab-punch-done" sort of scenario. I was working at the bookstore, helping a woman out in the kids books. A guy, probably in his late 30s, early 40s (I was maybe 23?) comes over, grabs my arm and says "you've helped her long enough, it's my turn". His physical contact caused me to tense up, and I told him if he didn't let go of me, then I'd punch him in the nose. He responded with "yeah, right"... I counted to three, and then popped him one in the face. He landed square on his backside, and I told him in a phrase littered with profanity to get out. He did, but he also contacted the store manager. Despite my feeling that I was in the right, I was fired the same day. My next job was assembling furniture while I finished off my Bachelor's Degree.

Since then, I've been in a few low-level conflicts, but nothing that would cause me to "go in swinging", usually because the issue was defused befor eI had time to build up a full head of steam. I've been hit in the face with a pool cue... but it was an accident. That did stop us from kicking the guy off the grounds, but I didn't press any charges.

Worst fight in my life was with a jerky in my freshman year of high school. I really had no experience in the HS arena, and the guy sucker-punched me in the gut and then kneed me in the privates. I pretty much keeled over immediately. He dropped out before I got a chance to plot any great revenge on him - I suppose it's just as well, because I'd probably be doing time to this day if I'd done any of what went through my mind that week.

My favorite encounter involved the end of my senior year in the cafeteria during 2nd lunch. A fellow senior and I were doing the ape behaviors of open-palm pushing one another, building to a bigger fight. My brother, looking to protect me, took one of the aluminum food trays and slammed it loudly over my enemy's head. It was loud, but didn't do any real damage, save to break up the fight with laughter on both sides.

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