March 31st, 2008

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9218 - Monday

Some pictures to help me catch up -

Baltimore aquarium / Barnes and noble / walkabout after work Friday - taken with palmtop - low quality when embiggened, mostly.

After work on Friday, BHK picked me up, and had a great idea... to hit Baltimore and go to the aquarium.. it's open late on Friday, and much less likely to be crowded as it is on the weekends. I was all for it, so off we went. After the Aquarium, we had supper at Blu Bamboo... a pretty decent little Asian fusion joint. They were getting ready to close, but we managed to sneak in for some Pad Thai, cucumber sushi, cream cheese wontons and more... I think we crossed every type of Asian food short of Mother Russia. After supper, we hit a converted power plant that's now a Barnes and Noble - very cool design - smokestacks are still there, everything is very clean and metal-riveted or industrial brick looking. I like the escalator... the sides are transparent, so you can see the gears and belts working. Favorite fish - still the skates and rays.

baltimore barnes and noble / aquarium trip - saturday.baltimore barnes and noble / aquarium trip - saturday.baltimore barnes and noble / aquarium trip - saturday.DSC01605.DSC01604


DSC01596.DSC01595 DSC01594.DSC01592.DSC01591



DSC01568.DSC01567.DSC01566.bubble tubes at baltimore aquarium - scotto.bubble tubes at baltimore aquarium - Allison

Better pictures taken with the cell phone - enlarge to better photos of Baltimore, frog exhibit, and the marine research building.

.0328082036.jpg .0328082029.jpg .0328082040.jpg .0328082042.jpg .0328082118.jpg .0328082204.jpg .0328082206.jpg .

On Sunday, we went to Alice's party.. she has a lot of nice folks surrounding her.... and her son is becoming a giant! at 14, he's grown about a head taller than when I'd last seen him (about 14 months prior.)

Rainy, cool morning today.. was our spring weekend just a glimpse of the future?

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