April 1st, 2008

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9219 - Tuesday - April fool!

Don't worry about me - I won't prank you, dear journal. I don't like April Fools jokes very much... they always seem to escalate into real stupidity.

I'll stick with knock knock and polar bear jokes, thanks.

Sunday, BHK was ill in the morning (no, not morning sickness.) so she slept in, and took it easy. About 10am, we viewed Pan's Labyrinth... the pacing was a bit slow - I liked it more than BHK did. About noontime, we watched a food network show about hot dogs... and decided it was a splendid day to do a little grillin'. We zipped off to the store for dogs of all sorts, piggie, turkey and veggie, depending, and had the in-laws over for a late picnic-style luncheon. Lots of wildlife in our yard, now that things are more springy - we counted a mated pair of cardinals, some blue jays finches, doves, a squirrel and assorted starlings. About 5 or so, the in-laws came home, and we watched Night watch, and then curled up - headed for bedski.

Last night, we continued the film series with Day watch. I liked it more than the first, though both are pretty good views.

Also recently heard from T-Man and Pixx- Pixx is going to have a baby Perez in about 2 months! Caught up with three years of history through photos, too. Kudos on T-Man for naming the Baby Kalel, and likewise to Pix for getting it moved from first to middle name. I'm so happy to see Joel and Pix so cheery and fruitful! Pix is responsible in no small part for Newton's name! When we worked the late shift with Fred, we'd spend a good portion of our dinner break watching the just-released family guy or half of the 8-pm movie (with only 2 commercial intermissions!) on channel 29.

I specifically remember "The Hearse". A dreadfully dull horror / stalker movie, but easy to make fun of. I wonder what ol' Fred is up to these days, now?

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