April 2nd, 2008

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9221 - Wednesday - 4/2

Yummy Quiche & Salad for supper last night... more for lunch today! Took it Easy last night. some forgettable TV and read more of Mignola's Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. Slow at first but it's rolling along reasonably well now.

Rhyss made a pretty nifty observation in his journal -

The New York Times did a story about relationships torpedoed by a incompatibility in taste in books.

"We’ve all been there. Or some of us have. Anyone who cares about books has at some point confronted the Pushkin problem: when a missed — or misguided — literary reference makes it chillingly clear that a romance is going nowhere fast."

Which got me thinking - what books do I have that would be most likely to send a prospective date running for the door, never to be seen again?

Actually, most of my GFs have been of a similar mindset where reading is concerned... but I have always liked nerd / geek / Rockabetty types.

Here are 10 of my "scare off potential 'normal girl' dates" books currently on the shelf - I'll leave it to BHK to do her own books, if she desires.

[edit -later] I tried, and failed. I have very little truly objectionable material - I couldn't get to 10. Instead, here's a grouping of what you might find weird or not on the shelves.

  1. Encyclopedia of Occultism - I'm sure someone will get the wrong message there! (I'm pretty much a non-believer in that sort of stuff, but I love folklore / mythology.. many tomes of that type of thing)
  2. Rats - a History (actually, BHK and I both had a copy on the shelf, until we gave one to David!) Lots of history.
  3. A bunch of gaming books. (Warhammer rules just recently picked up)
  4. A bunch of Science Fiction (Nerd!)
  5. Books about Primate Psychology - Monkey Politics
  6. A Bunch of 40s detective novels.
  7. Stacks of books that have yet been unread. BHK and I hit the book sales pretty hard, and our queue is long... and we lengthen it by using the libray, too!
  8. Books in varying states of repair, from ragged, well-loved ones, to previously mentioned unopened tomes.
  9. Books about weird people-places-things.
  10. blank page book for coloring, with pencils of many shades.

50 things you've done meme continues at 46 - I...

46.'have created a few communities on livejournal over the years.

  • menstrualhut - women's health / right issues (still active, with 2460 members at this point)
  • coloringbook - for doing a little art inside or outside the lines (175 members - mostly idle)
  • haikuarena - for battling 5-7-5 at a time(105 members)
  • fishstories - a fiction-writing workshop for me, mol, and bruce that never really launched (3 members, natch) maybe I'll open it up to the public.
  • live_journalia - for nationstates players, long dead, yet 10 members cling to it

I'm mostly proud of the hut, as it has provided a lot of good information for women's health... it was the first of its kind on livejournal, thought there are many more good resources in place now. I've only had to deal with a few instances of spamming, trolling or the like on any of them.

Have you ever wondered how the Enterprise would fare against a Star Destroyer, or how a Halo sizes up to a the Moon? Have you ever tried to guess just how big a Dyson Sphere would have to be to encompass the Earth's orbit around the sun? Jeff Russell has, and that's why he built Starship Dimensions, a website devoted to cataloging and contrasting the minutiae of Science Fiction's massives. In it you will find a library of vehicles spanning decades of Science Fiction movies and series, all meticulously drawn in proportion to each other. "Scale has always fascinated me," says Russell. "It is an important, yet often misunderstood or neglected way in which everything in our universe relates. And of course I've always really wanted my own Death Star, so naturally I wanted to know how big it really was, or how many Star Destroyers I could fit in it."

Similar, is the skyscraper page. (I'm glad that I could find Emerson tower info. The proper name for the Bromo-Seltzer Clock.)

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