April 6th, 2008


9228 - Sunday

We rested the bulk of Saturday, but went out yesterday evening to hit good ol' Aardvark Comics - picked up the Showcase Jonah Hex, the 50th Anniversary edition of Diplomacy, and a few other nibs and nabs - BHK subscribed to her first book (Avengers Fairy Tales - 4 part series), and I got the latest All Star Superman. Good stuff, that Superman. Post Aardvark, we hit a local Japanese food place... benihana sort fo place with sushi. The stuff was better than most, not as awesome as Joss. Oh! I almost forgot! We stopped at Rita's for "fro-yo". I got the fat free stuff, and I think the chemistry hit my gastric centers a little too heavily. I'll be calling them diarRhita's for the foreseeable future. The problem resolved itself quickly, however.

Today, Lounged most of the morning, - Was going to hit the car show with Larry and BHK, but it was rained out. Left the house abuot noon, got a haircut, and then zipped off with BHK to have lunch with Cathi & Dave at Mexico. Mexico was a little off of their game, but it was still yummy. Post feeding, we paused at the Dunkirk Starbucks for a couple of hours of Apples to Apples over water, coffee and a little late dessert. (I won all games played... I feel a little bad about that, because I'm not really there to win, just to socialise and be silly. Psych-ops tactics work especially well with that crew.) Ended the day with a quick buzz of the local wal-mart, and then home to chill out and prep for Monday.

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