April 8th, 2008

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9231 - Tuesday.

BHK and I aren't watching as much TV as usual... I suspect we're hitting an ebb tide right now. However, things may change once the new shows start rolling in again. I believe that there was a new Samantha, Who on last night, and I imagine that once Psych and Burn Notice start to roll again, we'll be watching at least a few hours a week.

After supper last night, we came home, had some razzles and read (or did Internet research on the Tidal Basin Inlet Bridge - had to find out what was up with this sculpture/grotesque on the side.)

50 things you've done meme continues at 47 - I...

47.'built more than a few models as a kid. Not always well-done.... but I always did 'em to completion, even if some got the lighter treatment for "battle damage". At my youngest, I did snap-together models of cars that could be played with right afterward - pretty rewarding... the more advanced ones like aircraft carriers and tanks always had guns and tiny airplanes that would easily fall off or break if played with too roughly.... plus, dust and dirt wrecked paint jobs.

This might be why I'm a little attracted to Warhammer or just painting minis. Models you can play with are something extra special. I still don't know if I want to do Warhammer Fantasy or some other system... meanwhile, I may just get some paints and work on army men / mage knight leftover figures that could use a little color or customization. I'm due to make BHK and myself some updated figures, as I don't have long hair anymore, and I never did make one of her.

Maybe it's time for us to investigate Fimo and the like, too? Image on the right is an ancient one of Danny and me fending off a few zombies on a papercraft bridge.

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