April 11th, 2008

zombie wake up

9235 - Friday!

Ah, the end of another week... I'm looking forward to a gentle weekend, this go 'round. Sleepy This morning.

Recent doodles -

Me in the office, post saying Shazam! Regarding Uncle Dudley/Uncle Marvel. During the classic era, an old man named Dudley (who was clearly modeled after W. C. Fields) claimed that he was not only a relative of the Marvels but also a Marvel himself, although neither was true. The Marvels took a liking to him and decided to humor him, and "Uncle" Dudley became Uncle Marvel, the Marvel Family's manager. He'd make his "transformation" along with one or more of the others, but not by magic; rather, by quickly removing his break-away garments (under the cover of lightning that the real Marvel(s) called down) to reveal his homemade Marvel costume underneath. He explained his lack of super-powers by claiming he suffered from "shazambago". In modern continuity, Dudley H. Dudley is simply a janitor at Billy's school who finds himself involved in Marvel Family adventures, although in one story he was temporarily given Shazam powers to help round up the escaped Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.

Oh, my Shazambago!

Green monkey-alien in a bubble. He's wearing his bubble summoning-belt, of course. He's been climbing a lot, note his filthy hands and feet. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a damn, dirty ape, however. I was thinking a little bit of Rescue on Fractalus recently, thus the cheesy lines and markings. The hammerhead alien Jaggi had great pop-up spook value in his day. Soft hearted for Planet of the Apes, Martian Manhunter, and Bubble-force fields all unwrapped into that, I guess.

Dealing with "customer service" regarding bugs, bug fixes, and time lines. I seemed to get only one word answers, with no detail as to where, when or how items would be fixed. I ultimately got it worked out, via my own trouble tree and specific questions, but it was like pulling teeth... on a rampaging hippo. I'm just glad that it's now mostly functioning.

Dreamt of our bathroom being tiled with Hershey bars, and grouted with marshmallow. Hershey bars aren't my absolute fave... why not milky ways, or mars bars? I guess the flat rectangle looks more like tile to my sleeping mind. Last night after work Chris, BHK and I went to Maerten's, to check out the sale preview. Chris bought a ton of nice stuff... BHK got a cute pair of sterling bumblebee earrings and a little silver bean / bead on a box chain. Honestly, I like what BHK got more, though Chris's items were pretty, too. Post sale, we hit Thai Inter for some yummy feed. It was a bit of a hike to return home late afterwards, but I think it was worth it - the gals had fun.

I can't say as I've ever referred to anything as "a real corker." I'd think that I might've, but probably not. I prefer "it's a hoot!" or the like.

Pleased that we did get the 2007 homestead exemption after all, but looks like 2008 is a no-go. at least we have time to save up a wee bit before 4/15/2009.

Something to make BHK happy -

"The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday its Pixar animation studio will commit to 3-D by releasing all of its movies in the format beginning with "Up" in May 2009. Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter made the announcement in New York at a presentation of Disney's upcoming lineup of animated movies."

The Wall Street Journal says that a video production company that earned 90% of its revenue from taping Walmart's internal meetings over the past 30 years has lost the Walmart account—but retained the rights to the video library.

Now the videos are available to anyone who wants to see them —for a price. Lawyers, reporters, activists and journalists are lining up at the production company's tiny new office, cash in hand.

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