April 13th, 2008


9237 - Sunday

I forgot to mention what we did after getting my allergy shots yesterday! We stopped off at Giant, grabbed some rolls, cheese, mustard and turkey (last one just for BHK), then toddled over to Dunkirk District Park. Pretty cool place - has a nice skate ramp, lots of picnic tables, wooded areas, fields for baseball, basketball, tennis and lacrosse. I get the feeling that as it warms up, it'll be the kids place to be.

We polished off our sammiches, and got back in the car just in time to beat the rain - it was still coming down pretty hard when we picked up our rosebushes - They look like bundles of dirty stick for now, but just wait a month... they'll be in the ground by May 1... after the worst chance of another cold snap has passed.

Went to Sneade's for some more seeding trays, a springtime flag for our pole (it's cute - a beehive - "home is where my honey is" I need to check permissions for putting in a hive of my own out back this year), and a few grilly-items. Saw Larry there, and invited him and Chris over to do some grilling on Sunday... he reminded us that the United States Navy Band was playing - for some reason, we thought it was Sunday night... so we headed home, had a little nap, got cleaned up, and enjoyed some note-perfect music. It was a band, not an orchestra - BHK was missing the strings section, but made up for it by enjoying the percussion and giggling at the high cheese factor of the announcer / vocalist's styling of Man of La Mancha.

The concert was only an hour long - we picked up Chris (who wasn't interested in attending), and all headed to Thursday's. It was quite good.

Anyhow - We did chores and stayed close to home today. BHK worked on the yard, while I got us caught up with last minute Taxes (That's why Chris didn't attend - running last minute scenarios.) My first year of filing jointly as a married sort of fellow - a bit different than filing alone. Lots of deductions this year - health care, homestead, school loan interest... I guess I'm a grownup after all. Good thing is that we're getting some going back, not to mention the "gimme" from the govt that everyone's getting.

We'll sock some of it away, put some towards furniture, I suspect - a new mattress, or upholstering the coming couch, maybe?

BHK beat me at Hacienda again, but it was dang close. If I had one more turn, I might've beaten her. Alas, I did not! Still, it was a good game, and I think we had a lot of fun playing.

Rules of thumb - get as many markets as you can, as fast as you can! Don't bother saving money... the three turn limit cuts what you can spend pretty hard.

I suspect I'll sneak in a game of Wishes Were Fishes next week. Failing that - maybe if we go do paint your own pottery, I'll make us a set of Tally-Ho! (I discovered it at Yucata... it's close to a combination of my plans for Brier Patch and Pumpkin with Icehouse pyramids - likely a better play design, too)

Pizza and Nature documentary time with the in-laws tonight! Until Later, Dear Journal!

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