April 15th, 2008


9240- tuesday

http://drop.io/ is brilliant. I tested it, and it seems fun and stable.

Example - http://drop.io/scottobear
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Now that I've put this out there, I wonder how active it'll become? Send me something, dear journal! I've got 100 megs just waiting. :)

Neil Armstrong was 38 when he walked on the moon. I'm 39. I can barely moonwalk. Just Sayin'.

Pictures of Newton, taken yesterday, while I un-kinked my back. This is how Newton looks when I first lay down... he climbs up on my chest, face to my face, and stretches his paws to my chin... usually just his right, but sometimes both.

Taken with the palmtop... sadly, it's about impossible to get a good shot of Pyewacket, unless he's under very bright light... he turns into a black smear with a pair of shiny yellow eyes. Newt's black whiskers barely show, but his whites are pretty visible.

50 things I've done meme finally officially finishes with #50 - I...

50.'have run a live camera from my place (Newtcam ) for about 7 years now, most of it on 24/7... with only a little downtime due to power loss, internet issues, broken computer, etc. For the primary reason of looking in on Newton (and now, Pye, too) when I'm not at home. It does double duty as a security camera, as it collects photos of any motion and throws them to the net, both for people to see the most recent one, and an archive for me to sift through just for fun.. make animations or whatnot. The security side of things would be that someone breaking into the house would be caught on cam, and picture would be uploaded to the net - so even if the machine is gone, I still have some images stored offsite.

I like that so many people tune in to see what's going on - Newtcam averages between two and five thousand hits a day, from all over the world.

I may do more of these, as they occur to me but at least I got my goal complete! I have no idea what #51 will be.

It's been exceedingly hard to get out of bed the last week or two... this week especially. I feel so tired when the alarm goes off. I can't even open my eyes properly until I've taken a hot-cold-luke shower. I think I'm going to have to start hitting the sack just a little bit earlier than my preset of 10/10:30, to see if that helps.

BHK made some of the best tofu/black rice stir fry last night... nom nom nom.

The Pope arrives today... that means even more traffic than usual for DC... it'll likely brings it to Gridlock / Miami levels. Even though I'm not of that particular faith, I think it'd be interesting to see the man, but I suspect that I'll be better off just heading on home.

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