April 16th, 2008

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9241 - Wednesday

Got home, showed BHK where the PSP charger was, and we gamed for about a half hour... She played Luxor, while I just got to Black Mesa East in HL2. (For a 4 year old game, I'm digging it - I've never played it, so it's new to me... the only distraction is the voicework... Lou Gossett Jr and Robert Guillome are very distinct.) I'll miss the airboat portion of the game... I had a lot of fun tooling around the canals.

Crashed out right after supper last night - 9pm and zonk! out like a light. I don't even really remember what was on tv... Oh, right, Samantha who. It's a cute show, but I get the feeling that it's already jumped the shark.

Dinner was tasty leftovers - Stuffed peppers and pizza.

Quite enjoying all the loot I'm getting at http://drop.io/scottobear ! Thanks, dear journal!

D'oh! I'm going to have to miss seeing Tally Hall tomorrow night... I'd rather catch them than the pope! I'm not braving that traffic, even if the Beatles were jamming with the Grateful Dead (including George, John, and Jerry)

Good ol' Banana Man. I also dig Good Day.

Lawsuits stemming from a series of fatal bus accidents in 2007 have forced Metro to set aside $43 million for settlements in next year’s budget, the most ever. via the Examiner

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