April 17th, 2008

Newtie Yawn

9243 - Thursdsay

Presents sent in the mail, when taxes were launched on Tuesday - Eryx's Christmas Prezzie is only about 4 months late! Ah well, we got it sent out.. .and Danny's treat will get to him shortly too. hopefully the loot will brighten their days.

Sending good thoughts to all friends in the dumps, too. If you're not feeling so hot... cheery thoughts to you.

I'm tempted to get BHK and / or Chris Pink T-shirts that read "HYPERBOLE IS THE BEST THING EVER!"

BHK made tasty, tasty meatball-type substance in bbq sauce, with sides of garlic-y yum broccoli.

The Tiki Bar in Solomons Island will be opening this weekend for 2008. I guess pope traffic wasn't enough! I guess we'll stick to less congested realms... maybe we can hit the eastern shore and lurk around the marine museum after my shots on Saturday.

Maybe check out some local farmers markets? (now that it's season.. thanks for the hint, DCist!)

I just remembered to look this up - Sarcastic vs Sardonic

sarcastic = a cutting or ironic remark
sardonic = scornful or mocking

Trees- Vandalised trees reoriented, creating new landscapes and giving the trees a new reality.

Speaking of DCist - want to see the pope's snappy red shoes ? ( I also dig the "We Love Our German Shepherd" sign.)

I didn't realise that the rerelease of Tally Hall's album has a few new tracks on it - I'll have to see if I can chase down Mucka Blucka and Dream as MP3s, or snag 'em from Itunes.

[edit - THANK YOU for the drop of the music! :D]

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Two 19th century rhino horns stolen from a South African museum could be deadly if sold as a popular aphrodisiac because they are drenched in poison, a museum official said on Monday.

The "priceless" horns were snatched from a display at the historic mammal gallery in Cape Town on Saturday evening, said Jatti Bredekamp, chief executive of Iziko Museums.

"Unknowingly, the thieves have exposed themselves to more than the danger of arrest and prosecution," Bredekamp said in a statement.

"Before the mid-twentieth century, taxidermy mounts were prepared by being soaked in arsenic and preserved from insect infestation through regular applications of DDT, both highly toxic poisons that retain their toxicity over time," he said.

Bredekamp said the horns were deliberately targeted in a carefully planned robbery, and might be destined for Asia, where ground rhino horns are a prized aphrodisiac.

"This could have unforeseen consequences," he said.

Rhino populations have fallen dramatically over the last few decades as poaching decimated the animals across Africa.

Bredekamp said museums worldwide were being targeted by organized crime to help supply lucrative markets with a wide range of artifacts. After a previous robbery attempt, South African museum officials removed several other specimens of rhino horn from public display, he said.

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