April 18th, 2008

1 - time goes by

9244 - friday

BHK made stuffed cabbage last night... it was super yummo. I was a bit cranky and creaky watching Enchanted with her and the In-laws... the movie had a couple of cute bits in it, but was pretty cut-and-paste throughout. No real surprises, short of the animal bits, which I liked the most. City-animal summoning was keen... Flies were more disconcerting than roaches, I think.

Today BHK is meeting me at work for a little lunch picnic on the lawn downstairs... It's supposed to be mid-70s and sunny!

Thank you, anonymous commenter for the pancakes video.

Best quote heard recently - "Trust in God, but tie your camel to the post." (I've heard it before, but not in conversation.)

On religion- recently got a link to a church furniture store via Newtcam. Slogan - Do you know the difference between a good pew and a bad pew?

Scientists say the Earth gives off a low, constant hum. The origin of the hum is a mystery, but it drives Mars freaking nuts.

big free abandonware downloads collection

via David Byrne's Journal -

There’s a lovely and surprising piece in the NY Times Arts section disguised as yet another article on the China Tibet issue and the Olympic torch relay. The piece points out that the torch relay originated with the Nazis. It was a bit of stagecraft thought up by Carl Diem and filmed by Leni Riefenstahl for her 1938 hymn to Aryan supremacy, Olympia. The Wagnerian imagery is mythic: within a landscape of Greek ruins, a naked and pure human specimen holds a javelin as it is lit by a bowl of fire, and then transports the burning torch to the Rhineland—well, the symbolism is pretty obvious.

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