April 19th, 2008

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9245 - Saturday

Extremely tentative plans for a little yard-sale review (sale-sailing?) after my shots today. Hopefully we'll find just stuff that's awesome... the whole town of North Beach is having a village-sized yard sale next weekend. Maybe I'll put out my old computer monitor for some lucky strong-backed mule to cart off the property.

Potential other things post needle-stick are the Eastern Shore, Marine Museum and maybe General Tanuki's.

Or Maybe something different! It got to 87 degrees yesterday.. we might have to find a place to play in the shade!

Evening update- 

Saw a yard sale on the way to shots - Neighborhood cul-de-sac family collection on Limerick Lane. BHK got a spiffy cap for 50 cents - another Mao-meets surfer girl type cap. Not much else out there for us.

Got Stuck for allergies. Hardly a soul there, so it went quickly. 

Skipped the Eastern shore - Decided to hit the Vegetable Garden in Rockville, by way of a long, meandering tour through DC. Flew through Chinatown and some of the more seedy parts of town en route.

From there, a bit of an extended shopping trip. Eyeballed some workout equipment, picked up some ram for my laptop at Micro Center,  (checked out the EEE pc  - cute, and maybe in a month, once the 900 model is out) - Bought the father in law a e-tuner keychain, bhk an ipod clock-radio dock alarm clock, and myself an evil universal remote keychan. 

Continuing on - Dream Wizards for Balloon Cup  and Gloom (and a ten in ten die - opaque d10 inside a transparent one. pretty nifty.)

Casual Male XL for a few pairs of work pants, some v-neck shirts, and a new pair of shoes.

Back home the short way, for supper of pb&j on rice cakes. (sideline - made hot dogs for in-laws and BHK last night - both dinners were dandy)

Watched some TV, and now, it's time for bed. g'nite dear journal. 

Hey, WotC have a bunch of classic D&D modules available for download - Including White plume mountain ! Probably the third commercial module I ever played after Keep on the Borderlands and Isle of Dread - certainly the first one I played that wasn't included with a set of the game rules itself...

Wiki info on White Plume Mountain here.

Of the three, White Plume was the most fun.. I had characters that had a decent skill set and abilities, but it was still tricky - held a goodly dose of puzzles and challenges. All of the S-modules were fun, but I liked plume more than tomb of horrors, and  Barrier Peaks. (Peaks was cool - great setting, but just too deadly for my lower level guys to deal with. It could be nicely reworked into something a bit more survivable and plotted, I think.)

If I had to pick my favorite low-level module, I'd have to go with Against the Cult of the Reptile God - I think the setting was a lot more fun than any of the other 1-3 level modules we played back in the day, and it was the first one I successfully ran for the library group as a DM. Sort of funny to see them listed as classic - I remember picking them up when they came out - still wrapped in plastic, most of them 3-hole punched at the factory.

Larry's coming along nicely with the electric guitar. He's got the body just about done... needs holes for the pickups in the back, and then some stain and coat next. This is the first time in a while that he's taken time to work on it - it's a beautiful bit of craftsmanship thus far, and I look forward to hearing how it sounds. There's talk of him making me a bass after this one is finished, too. (Made from the maple that's growing far to close to our house's foundation... not to mention the branches that could take out the roof in a bad storm.

I wonder how his projects will be affected when they rent out the blue house? The workshop half of the two-car garage there... not sure how tenants would feel about him running power tools here and there. Of course, that also begs the question of where I'll run off and hide to wrap Christmas presents, come next Yuletide season.

Ah well, no big fears either way.  I expect he'll continue to do projects for many, many years to come. This weekend, we're tilling the garden - and hopefully planting my blueberry seedling.  BHK has already potted the daisies and put them outside - I'm looking more forward to plants that produce food items, and the possibility of keeping a beehive.

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