April 21st, 2008

Who indeed?

9247b - Monday -

Rainy day and a Monday, but I'm not letting it get me down. Newt, Pye and BHK always bring me right up again!

BHK made tasty split pea soup and cornbread for supper - and then I won a game of Balloon Cup afterward while we watched Next (not a bad flick, goofy action flick, but fun.) Turning in early, now.

Assorted pics taken today or found lately:

Newt leaps!

Daily WTF - swimming melon monster man

More WTF - Proper use of googly eyes

Reminds me a bit of the ol' Mighty-o's commercial with captain sarcastic. (alternate )

Someone scraped the contents of Darren Di Lieto’s website and published it into a 350-page book being sold online for $100. Publishers have faked their details, resellers refuse to pull the book.

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