April 26th, 2008

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9255 - Saturday

Garage sale across the down today after shots... Our first blush on the way to the doctor wasn't that successful.. saw old clothes and lots of little bits of junk here and there. Quickie lunch at Mexico and then back to the town to shop. 

Our hope was to find some good furniture - nothing amazing really stood out. BHK asked what I'd want to see at my ideal yard sale... my response was a mummified monkey head, some old heathkit robots maybe, and maybe a retired super-scientist's collection of prototype death rays and forcefield belts. 

What we did was pick up a few dvds, more than a couple of "chick lit" books, wall art, a teaching chess set, two toy robots and A ROBOT MONKEY !

We didn't spend more than $20 total for the lot - The 'bots were the bulk of the cost, at $4.50 each. Puzzles were a quarter, dvds a buck a pop, and books were a big bundle for $3.

Came home, chilled out and enjoyed BHK's nom nom nommy thai cabbage soup. 

Forgot to mention that yesterday also heralded the arrival of our blue robot boy to pair up with our pink robot hula girl. The girl is cuter, but they make a fine little dancing pair.

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