April 27th, 2008

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9256 - sunday

In considerable pain today, the ol' back is acting up, and meds are making me sleepy, but not soothing much... possible making me more irritable, as well. I'm glad tomorrow at work will have the bulk of senior staff off site, depending on my mood. I suspect some of the fresh pain might be due to the changing weather... lots of rain tonight and last.

BHK took great care of me today - we watched Sweeney Todd over leftover cabbage soup and toasted cheese bagels (bhk opted for leftover Mexican food), prior to that, we did a little pre-planting of our garden - seeds of broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini and pumpkin are in small covered racks under our bench in the living room... hopefully away from prying kitty paws.

Last night's episode of SNL noted some pretty glaring aspects of Greased Lightning (click link at own risk) - look up the lyrics to it, if you're wondering why so few schools perform it.

BHK is making some surprise supper... smells good, but I have no idea what it is yet. [Update - it was veggie brats, kraut and green peppers! victory is mine!]

Closed the night watching a special on Pixar - how they got started, Disney issues, etc... pretty good! I knew the bulk of the tale, but it was interesting to see clips of the animations and add faces to the names I knew. BHK pointed out that Brad Bird does look a lot like the bad guy in the Incredibles - I doubt that was a coincidence.

We missed Maryland day on Saturday... so much for one of 50,000 cupcakes ! I bet Adam had a grand time, though.

Random silver spring pictures from the pda - I should've used this on the get-together!

0425081839.jpg.DSC01628.JPG .DSC01627.JPG .DSC01626.JPG


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