April 28th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Ghost Story

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?

I'm skeptical, to say the least.

I do believe that there are things just outside of our perception that we know little to nothing about... but find it doubtful that ghosts (at least in the most commonly believed sense) exist - I feel pretty confident that most orb photography is dust motes or water droplets reflecting, and that all of the "ghost photos" I've seen were either occlusions on film or frauds.

That said - who knows what's out in the dark? Since I have severe doubts about the existence of a soul and spirit that continues after death, what else might it be?

I believe that people have powerful wills, strong subconscious fears and imaginations - that's probably where the bulk of most "ghosts" come from. I've seen things moving in the dark, been spoken to in my sleep, seen light switches flick on and off of their own accord and been sure of an unseen hand on my shoulder. All of which spooked me, none of which seem to actually contain substance outside of my noggin after looking at things in a more rational manner.

Rather than sentient beings roaming the earth, trying in vain to talk to us, I rather fancy the idea of a place or an object being psychically charged as a result of a particularly exciting and death-related event, like a war (civil war ghosts are all the rage in Maryland, it seems), murder, suicide or a mother losing her child... an imprint that replays a scene or vision over and over on a fixed location or item... or family. I feel that it's simply fanciful thinking, no more true or likely than my having a yeti spirit guide that helps me to make the better decisions in life.

I love the idea of the ghost story, but feel in my mind and my heart that no phantoms exist outside of the minds of the living. I fear dangerous living things far more than a hand reaching out from beyond the grave to exact communication or misguided vengeance upon me or mine.

Of Course... Walpurgisnacht (Freinacht or Drudennacht) is coming, and who am I to say if the veil between our world and another won't be made thinner at that time?

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