May 6th, 2008

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9270 - tuesday OH YEAH!

Spent most of the day shuttling around, getting things in order, both at work and off-site. BHK and I made it home about 7:30, after supper at Ledo's at about 6. - I ended up famished right around 9pm.. .I guess the small veggie calzone didn't want to stick with me.... especially since I pretty much had been sans food all day.

Oh Yeah!

Thank you, cardboard graffiti artist, for making tuesday extra fun!

The thought was to go to the movies after my midday stuff, but neither BHK nor myself were really up to it - sort of fragged out and just wanted to get home.


Despite all the reviews to the contrary, I suspect that I'll like Hancock more than Iron Man. More than either of those, I want to see Wall-E.

Indy 4 I don't have high hopes for, but I'm certainly going to see it if possible. I just want it to be better than National Treasure 2.

We still have netflix copies of Cloverfield and No Country for Old Men - Maybe next weekend for those.

Guys like this, *and* the people he sat in front of are two reasons I don't like going to movies on opening night. If you don't like what's going on, either tell the manager, or leave. Those kids had witnesses and there are cameras in most theaters... his behavior was good at least for an assault charge, maybe battery too. (I'll leave that to my wife's legal knowledge.) Add to that that he's far from a minor, and they were... way to lead by example.

Jailbreak 0.4 is out.. looking pretty sharp! I'll get to it after I finish the Orange Box and Bioshock. (got 'em both for xmas, but I'm having too much fun doing other stuff to goof single player on the 'pooter these days!

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