May 11th, 2008

Free telephone

9275 - Sunday

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!


We took Chris out to breakfast at Whitman's (South County Cafe), and then wandered about the area - scoped out a local hardware store, and then hit the major garden supply place to load up on botanical-type loot. My take of the haul is a big blueberry bush, completely pre-loaded with full berries... they'll be blue in another 60 days or so. A peanut plant, just because. BHK got Okra, patchouli, lemon eucalyptus, creeping jenny, and... some other goodies that don't come immediately to mind.

It's raining like gangbusters now... setting my alarm via the cell phone, because I have my doubts that the evening will go by without a power loss.


Set up Pyecam to go along with Newtcam. About time he got equal treatment video-wise. Pyecam won't be 24/7 though, until we work out a pye-intensive, but safe place to put the laptop unattended for long periods.


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