May 14th, 2008

Maryland LP (Local)

9278 - Wednesday - the letter o appears in this entry.

Everyone on the bus was wearing blue this morning. No reds, golds or oranges... blue, with black or white, in varying shades.

Except me. I had a pair of tan/brown pants, brown shoes, white shirt with a smattering of black, gray, and reddish brown stripes.

Half of me wondered if I got on the right vehicle; the other half wondered why I didn't get the memo.

I don't mind - I come home to a colorful crew with BHK at the helm.

It seems that Pye prefers Newtcam, and newt prefers to be on Pyecam. (Newt likes the little window ledge upstairs...Pye likes the bed upstairs. They both seem to duel over the office and living room windows.

DC is 5th in road rage. Ha... Miami is #1 ! Maybe that's why I don't so bent out of shape on the beltway. DC, see also re:FL. Me, I'm pleased as punch to be where I am.

Off to Arlington, VA (right near Ballston) for a NetForum Users Group meeting on Friday - pretty much all day long. I wonder if there's anything BHK and I would like to do in that environment, after the meeting is over? I figure I'll head home, unless we need to stop off at the Pentagon for something - which I doubt.

This weekend plans include (in varying degrees of probability, but all of them nifty):

Em's ballet recital

Those that aren't hit this weekend, will be hit in the future, to be sure.

The Comic Book Script Archive … interesting list of scripts from a ton of authors… From the Moore’s intro to the Killing Joke script: ‘I want you to feel as comfortable and unrestricted as possible during the several months of your bitterly brief mortal lifespan that you’ll spend working on this job, so just lay back and mellow out. Take your shoes and socks off. Fiddle around in between your toes. Nobody cares.’

How to find images on the internet, an extensive list of links and resources.

Semi-related - cool list of icons! I wonder how many I'll see in use over the next couple of months?

FontStruct is an awesomely simple online font creation tool. Just draw on a grid with simple Photoshop-like tools, save, and download a TrueType version of the fonts you've just created. Hmm.. If only I had a graphics tablet, I could make a font of my handwriting, as messy as that might be.

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