May 15th, 2008

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9279 - Thursday - It was all a dream.

Dreamt last night that we were touring a pair of Monasteries - Tibetan style, Buddhist things. Apparently, I wasn't too interested in the firs tone, and had to rush to the second before the bell rang - doors would lock and wild dogs tore apart anyone not inside one of the two feuding temples when the bells summoned them.

The ground between the two buildings slid and shifted... I (much more nimbly than I might've in waking life) leaped from stepping stone to stepping stone, avoiding too-clear water that was running thickly, like syrup. Once on the second place's stairs, the dogs curled up and went to sleep.

The building itself was very nifty - all sorts of oddities inside, not unlike a Ripley's. One was closed off with a curtain - a skeletal mammoth with an elephant-sized, but human shaped skull - save for a single tusk/horn curling upwards from the tip of the chin area of the mandible. I went to take a picture of it, but a guard (I don't recall his garb - if he was a mall security type or a warrior-sort.. I just knew he worked there, wasn't just some guy) told me that it was forbidden. He then smiled at me, took a picture with his cell phone and was promptly gored by the skeleton. The tusk tore a rip in him from crotch to throat and where he opened up, rose petals fell until the body was just an empty skin.

A different member of the monestary showed up and apologized to me - I couldn't attend service, because the priest was shorter than me. However another fellow, taller than me would be available to walk me through services on Tuesday, at 8:30. I asked if he meant morning or night, and he laughed... "Don't you work? - it's at night.. it'll be 8:30 pm to 10pm, then there'll be snacks, bell ringing and wheel turning. Does your wife dance?"

I said that she did, though we really have never been.

I've never been to a Tibetan monastery... now, I suspect that I'll be a bit disappointed.

After telling her about it, BHK says that I'll never get hot dogs grilled with onions and green peppers for dinner again. I hope that's not the case.

ok these are awesome: and

I just noticed that it's the anniversary of my father's death. It was ages ago... I miss him, now that I think about it, but I haven't really had him in my thoughts much in recent times. I wonder why... I wouldn't have realized if I hadn't seen the archives, at least not until I saw 5/15 on my calendar at work, I guess.

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scotto monkeypulse

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“Hey there Jojo, it's Todd O. I just noticed that regardless of whether I'm in now in Maryland Virginia, Washington DC, Florida every major metropolitan truck stop has had a Jehovah's Witness giving out literature and it's not in a real distribution style it's more they stand there they show you the magazine Watch Tower or don't know what the other one is they have Alake(?) Awake and you take one or you hold your hand out and they give you one and I'm wondering if that's a way of getting around soliciting. Since you know you kinda have to ask for it even though they're kinda standing there in the middle of traffic or either if they're not in the middle of traffic they're off to the side and there interesting. Like even by the new stand. Anyway I just noticed that there are a lot of em. Every major place I've been to. See you later Jojo.”

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