May 18th, 2008

recursive ostritch (same as it ever was)

9283 - Sun

cranky - I'm a sensitive / moody boy today -

slept a lot

watched finale of the office - nice closer.

played with newton and pye - frog on a string, mostly

I was more cranky - discovered that it's primarily due to fears about health - back issues and surgery, especially. BHK helps me figure out why.


went to mexico for dinner

wal-mart for after - got a happy, friendly galactus & human torch,(on discount, no less) bhk got a bubble baton

also - green and yellow t-shirts, socks, animal crackers, kitty litter.

came home

relaxed and watched our last psych - first season long missing tim curry / american idol episode

watched the soup

watched fruit carving

went to bedski, not cranky now.

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