May 21st, 2008

1 - time goes by

9289 - Wednesday

Pyewacket says, "Soon.. it will be my turn in the sun. Soon."

tackle followed.

pyecam (06.39 PM May 18, 2008)

BHK made some awesome Spicy Thai-style curry soup last night. We had the in-laws over and watched the first half of "What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw"

Thought we had the whole thing on tivo, but Whoops! It was a 2-parter. Good to David Warner, even if he wasn't a primary.

More pictures taken recently - Newton and Pye playing, fighting, pixellated, hancock standee found object to color a pedestrian punching devices and me on the bus. Also, a snake in our yard, and birds I gave popcorn. Clicks embiggen, as always.

0519081738.jpg.0519081736.jpg.Fw: Cute!.Fw: CUTE!.pixel newt n pye
0516081601.jpg.0516081948.jpg.cbook.pedestrian punching machine via car.S6301932

BHK turned me on to PMOG - The Passively Multiplayer Online Game. My profile is here...if you play, let me know! Will it be the next KoL ? Only time will tell!

Slow-motion videos of people getting punched in the face (background on the clips, shot at 1000 frames per second) [via]

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