May 23rd, 2008

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9291 - Friday

Long weekend is almost upon us. I think we'll be staying close to home and walking a bit in the nice weather that's expected.

Not much to say today - off to work in a few - but have a few links from here or there.

I forget if I linked to this recently or not - It bears repeating-

Austrian court agrees to hear arguments that a chimpanzee should be considered a legal person.

Best Bumper sticker seen recently - "I Bet Jesus Would Use His Turn Signal"

Am I too young to be nostalgic for Johnny Carson? I think not. I can't believe it's been 16 years since he retired.

My favorite swami Carson bit was the gag where gave the answer to questions sealed in envelopes.

The Answer : "A dog with wings"

The Question "Who Is Linda McCartney?"

I have no good reason to want a curta calculator, other than it's cool. Curse you for putting the idea in my head, jwz, but thanks for the link to the flash curta emulator!

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