May 25th, 2008

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9293 - Sunday

0525081242.jpgLarry and I picked up the bed this morning - BHK and I napped a bit today. Feels good so far, but it is surprisingly high - maybe 6 (likely more) inches taller than the old one.

Picture, left - Larry, scrunched down a bit to magnify the "princess and the pea effect".

Post-nap, the gang did lots of yardwork - my blueberry plant is in the ground now, as are BHK's roses... and Chris's tomato plants.

Closed out the day grilling hot dogs for the family - in-laws brought beans, cole slaw and buns... nice Sunny day today. We passed on the bonfire and s'mores - we were too full of dinner to move.

Instead, we watched some recorded top gear and hung out for a bit... bedtime again soon.

Current read - Gateway by Fred Pohl. Not bad thus far - got it free from the library bookmobile about a year ago... grabbed at random from queue when I realized that I'v epolished off all the ebooks on my PDA - will reload soon, but holding an actual tree-made book is nice. Funny that the paperback is older than Adam - Heck, printed in 1980 - it's 28 years old. 1980 doesn't seem that long ago, but I was 11 at the time.

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