May 29th, 2008

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9297 - Thursday

Adam's grandfather is in a bad way - he was sent to the hospital last weekend, was looking better on Tuesday, not as good yesterday. I hope he hangs in there, and mends up... at his age and level of health, I suspect he may be about done.

Was a bit sick this morning - nervous about the epidural , maybe... or low blood sugar. No food after 8am, minimal sips of water if needed. Still pretty sore afterward, but I should feel a lot bette rni the next few days.

BHK made Thai for me last night - make my last meal before the fast a good one. Green Curry veggies over rice, with a side of tofu in peanut sauce. The lady knows what I like to eat. After the epidural, we got Mexican - it was good, but I couldn't finish my plate. Leftovers lasted until about 9pm.

Why the kitties like the windowsill - .newtcamleep2.newtcam bird. Clicks embiggen, as always.

Side note - Newt and Pyecam were down part of the day last monday - ftp server was broken, but it booted back up once I let the provider know.

Creepypasta - are short stories designed to unnerve, disturb or scare the readers of a Creepy Thread on 4chan. (could be upsetting to some viewers / nsfw, etc - it is on encyclopedia dramatica and 4chan after all.)

"A team at the university of Pittsburgh has finally advanced a 2002 technology enough for use in prosthetic limbs, the targeted application all along. Training computer models to the firing patterns of the neurons in the parts of the brain that control motion, they are able to project the intentions of a monkey to a robotic arm, which follows the will of the animal. The sad thing about the articles is that the beauty of the mathematics used to create and train the models is totally ignored."

Coverage at the BBC - This of course brings significant hope to amputees and other other people with physical disabilities.
(Note that this research has been going on for quite some time.)

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