June 4th, 2008

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9304 - Wednesday

Midweek. Time is grinding slowly, but exceedingly fine. Only one month to July 4 and fireworks everywhere!

BHK made some amazingly good quiche last night... fake bacon "fakon!", broccoli and cheddar, and the other was a ricotta, broccoli cheddar - sides were tortellinis stuffed with brie, green beans, and zucchini - Larry came over and added corn on the cob for all, as well as grilled burgers for himself and Chris.

it was a short night - after supper, we pretty much went right to bedski... it was raining, and highly conducive to slumber.

Glad to see mootpoint back! I'm looking forward to seeing him post more frequently.

Wizkids was very good about getting my info to send me a replacement piece for Oshi - I suspect they were happy not to have folks begging for free heroclix or 4e stuff. I like the name for support - WhereIsMyFigure@wizkidsgames.com (My helper's name was Rose - very kind and fast to respond)

James Earl Jones recites the alphabet, circa 1972 Wow... he looks pretty young, but his voice is still distinct.

See also - James Earl Jones counts to ten. Not nearly as good - I like the monochrome alphabet more.

"On average, your blog posts are around 1378 words in length. This is 262 percent longer than other bloggers who took this test."

Most posts are probably longer than that, given that I sometimes toss a pic post up with minimal text.

Do you talk too much in your blog?

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