June 5th, 2008

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9306 - Thursday

More photos' from yesterday's tornado! - Chesapeake Beach Storm Damage - Photos - WRC | Washington

Folks here are really excited about it - After Hurricane Andrew, I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it might've been. Big issue here was that it came out of nowhere, in a matter of moments - hurricanes you get a solid warning. THe roof that was blown off may finally allow for the smokey stink to fade from traders. 12 people were hospitalized, but no major injuries that I know of.

Chris and Larry lost some roof flashing, had a cracked window pane, and some broken tree limbs about the place, but thankfully nothing too devastating.

Most fascinating to me is the marble-sized hail that hit us on the way home... I really thought the truck's windshield (already cracked, from an ancient wound) was going to shatter at one point.

I don't know why I keep thinking today is Friday.. I've got to cut that foolishness out.

BHK hasn't been feeling very well lately - Allergies, I think. I hope she mends up quickly! She made tasty stuffed peppers for supper last night - Chris joined us, as her house hadn't cooled back down yet after losing power.

Two of the Milky Way's arms have gone missing.- Don't look at me! I haven't got 'em! I suspect venus de milo - jealousy.

Mechanical Employees Only, originally uploaded by °Florian

Viva Calaca!! is a personal project by the young Art Director and Digital Designer Ritxi Ostáriz with music by Voltaire.

It is a 3 minute animation video, based on the Day of the Dead.

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