June 6th, 2008

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9308 - Friday -

I haven't been recalling my dreams lately. Less fitful sleep, but I wake up with a cough and some nausea most mornings. BHK made some yummy soup last night, but I wasn't up to much eating for one reason or another. Maybe I'm getting a little cold or something?

Watched the last two episodes of house... the finale was pretty sad stuff... but I dn't know how much I go in for the pseudo-surreal hypnoscapes and memory retrieval elements... and the fact that nobody checked out the jane doe was a pretty weak plot point, given the other in-depth review of the case.

Put an order in for Hive and the Mosquito expansion at Aardvark - it should be in by June 12 (a little under a week)! A little expensive, but the bakelite pieces will endure a long time.

Maybe I'll make some out of glow in the dark fimo... or do variant pieces with other bugs. How would a ladybug move... or what might a lightning bug be able to do to switch up the game?

I already fear BHK will toast me at the game... she's got a good mind for some of these logic puzzle hex territory things.. like hazienda.

Playing it online is fun, but I love the feedback of face to face and handling the game pieces. Plus, if the power goes out, you're still set. (With the exception of pente and go I prefer most all games offline.) I first coded a version of pente for my good ol' atari ST back in the day... the AI was weak, but not terrible. I think that I've learned a few more strategies since then, but there is no lack of humans to play with... and there are better AIs out there, too.

These free paper foldables are pretty keen. The cat in the vet collar is particularly inspired.

Bambi II: Oh yes... there will be blood. (thank </a></b></a>theweaselking)

L. Ron Hubbard's 5 Most Impressive Lies (Besides Scientology)

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