June 7th, 2008

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9310 - Saturday

Bugah's baseball game is today - didn't drive out to VA to see him - both BHK and I love that kid to death, but we're both too sick to go up there and spread our germs to the little ones - that said, we did go to the doc for a shot.

Got shots, we played Yahtzee on the pda three times while I waited for clearance to leave, bhk does better than me in general, but I got her 2/3 games this time.

Hit the yard sale in front of the firehouse on the way home - BHK got a pair of books, something by Moning [edit - it was Darkfever ] (Highlander something) and The 13th Tale.

After a bit of rest, we decided to head to Aardvark, and picked up Arkham Horror, Grave Robbers From Outer Space and Marriage Material (as well as vol 2 of Irredeemable Ant-man, and Vol 2 of New Frontier.)

I started feeling much more poorly Saturday night - BHK is sick, and I have a severe cough, a fluid-filled chest, muscle aches, and back pain.

We started to do a puzzle, but I couldn't even stay seated at the table.... so I flopped in front fo the TV and half-watched until we tucked in, at about 9 pm.

On a lighter note - we got our first nibs and nabs from the garden!

Blueberry ... first eats produced this season by our plants... picture taken with cell phone.

0606080643.jpg - just in time to be part of breakfast

Who was part of breakfast that day... but his brothers and sisters later became part of this -


Blueberry Pie! BHK's first, and it was delicious!

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