June 11th, 2008

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9314 - Wednesday

Todays entry, via wordle -

Getting quite a bit better - still have a rattle in my chest and more coughing but the muscle aches and weakness is mostly gone. I'd say I'm currently firing on five out of eight cylinders.

A/c is now fully charged again - the repairman said that we'd be really baking without any refrigerant by Friday night. I'm glad BHK was there to explain what had been going on to him.

Tried calling my brother today - his voicemail is full. I haven't heard from him since he was last bailed out. His hearing for the latest is in a week - I see in the public records that something was dismissed based on "Lack of Prosecution". Not sure if it's the same item, though. I need to research Thomas A Reynolds, it seems. Looks like his thing is real estate - probably an eviction notice long since passed.

BHK made ratatouille for dinner tonight, and the stars aligned for the movie to be playing on TV while we ate. Larry stuck with some pasta and sauce... BHK gave him some bake and eat tempura shrimp, too... He doesn't know what he missed... zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, some olive oil in there... it was really good stuff.

Horror vacui:

Horror vacui is the filling of the entire surface of an artwork with ornamental details, figures, shapes, lines and anything else the artist might envision. It may be considered the opposite of minimalism.

I love that I can still learn new words and phrases every day.

via dnw - Scientists discover how optical illusions work. All of them.

The short version: It takes a tenth of a second for images to get from your retina to the processing centres of your brain. People have known this for decades, but we still see things in real time.

The new theory says that what we're seeing isn't what's there, it's what our brain projects will be there in a tenth of a second - our brain is processing predicatively, showing us it's best guess for the future. And that's why optical illusions can fool it, by confusing it into predicting a future that then doesn't happen.

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